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Tax, Insurance & Estate Strategies*

We do not provide legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney, tax advisor, or accountant regarding your specific situation.


We identify ways to help mitigate tax liability, using tax sheltered accounts, tax loss harvesting non-qualified accounts, and using tax efficient portfolios. We understand the need and often partner with your tax professional or Certified Public Accountant in order to optimize your tax situation.

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Identifying life and long term care insurance needs is a vital part of retirement planning. We strive to prepare you for the unexpected in the hopes you’ll never have to cross this bridge.


Working alongside your estate planning attorney, AAA Financial Group will make sure your estate plan is in good order. We discuss the benefits of properly titling your intangibles (bank accounts, retirement accounts, insurance policies, etc…), naming beneficiaries, and using legal protocol so that your wishes are respected. We discuss the importance of having a will, trust, advanced medical directives, power of attorney, and letter of instruction as well as naming an executor/executrix who will handle your affairs. Lastly, we identify situations where more advanced trust planning may be necessary.

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